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The tower is where the bulk of the game takes place. For example, in the tower, each level is randomly generated, making for a new and different experience every time you play similar to the Mysterious Dungeon series in Japan. There are a few ways to do this. The town landscape is nice but rather plain.

The entire simulation aspect of the gameplay lacked any kind of innovation or depth, and it makes up one half of the game. You will lose all the items you had found which can be a major pain in the butt. This forces you to use some strategy in combat, but after a few hours of it, you'll be able to have the best chance of survival in any battle.


It takes some time but you'll be much better off in the long run. If you attack one square ahead of them you can trigger them safely so you may want to try that. Just outside town, there's a monster tower the place your father was last seen!

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Disable this feature for this session. All they'd have to do is draw a line leading to a box and repeat until it all connects randomly. Oh yes, I forget to mention one thing. The more important characters have their own anime style portraits, but these are nothing special. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live.

GameBoy Color, Playstation. The better idea is to bring it back home and decide what to do from there. This element greatly influences how far the player can get into the dungeon. The two features that made the first game feel unique were taken out with some of the characters, the game feels much slower than before, and the whole ordeal is just a bit too easy. However, most of the others, like the gym, arcade, and pool are just crappy minigames.

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The movie spends a lot of time trying to be cute, vulgar and cutely vulgar. They can either be stored and leveled up, pregnant after dating 2 months or sold for a high price. The Japanese and American games are pretty much identical outside of language. Returning the Water Medal to the pool allows the player to see the romanced girls in their swimsuits.

The simulation aspect needed more variety and a lot more control and depth to them. Squaresoft did for years, so it wouldn't be surprising. The only way to get new monsters is to hatch the eggs found in the dungeon.

The story in Azure Dreams is rather thin. The first time you hear the main song in Azure Dreams, you get something of an Egyptian feeling running through you. Azure Dreams is already a fun and intriguing game that could hatch into a monster hit this summer. And the dating simulation aspect of the game is so basic that it's almost insulting. It's less a dating simulation and more of a treasure hunting expedition.

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But instead we get an unfinished game that doesn't carry any of its aspects to even half of their full potential. You can find various swords and shields throughout the tower and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You play the role of his son K'oh who has just reached the age of adulthood and is now allowed to enter the tower.

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This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. There are the usual clangs and grunts with no voice or any outstanding effects. For each monster that you see, one page in your monster dictionary gets filled with information on the species. Even if you find the best equipment in the game, you are unable to climb to the top on your own. All of the monsters have a type, an associated spell, and base stats.

If you run the story correctly on all of them in the end your basically the town pimp. Return your familiars to the bag. Anyway, Tao is sent from his home island of Bente to the town of Mondominio in order to get a rare monster egg from the Tower. Not quite as innovative as I was lead to believe. You are allowed to move, then the monster moves.

The main thrust of the story, finding out what happened to your father, is hardly ever considered until you're almost near the end of the game. The different ladies you can woo all fit easily into a category such as tomboy, snob and brain. This is one of my favorite games. Make sure this is what you intended. Finished the game and everything, hookup awesome game to play.

The money is alluring, but that alone does not make the deadly task worth the risk. The Tower and town music, while nothing terrible, is forgettable and will just be in the back of your head as you play. The role-playing aspect includes exploring the tower, fighting monsters, and earning experience, finding weapons and finding items. Two monsters can travel with you at any time, and how they grow depends on how you nurture them. Gameplay is probably the one reason I played this game.

  • It's actually more of a random dungeon game.
  • This may not seem bad, but there is a type of enemy that can steal your items, and if you can't kill it by the time the floor collapses, you could lose very valuable items.
  • Yes, yes, I think we have the answer!
  • However, as a veteran Monster Tower climber, I must warn you that whenever you go into that big building, you will hear nothing but various remakes of that exact same song.
  • You keep taking turns until one is dead and then it goes back to normal free movement.

Although there is lots to do in the dungeon, there is just as much to do out in the town of Monsbaya. Ultimately, its most unforgivable sin is that it's simply not funny. My friend lives in Connecticut, three states away, iggy azalea and asap which makes travel either way quite difficult.

  1. It's better to fight from an elevated position.
  2. Whenever you take a step in one of the eight directions, every enemy in the level takes one step.
  3. Before Digimon or pokemon there was- Azure Dreams?
  4. You can only upgrade your house and monster hut, and you can donate money to Nico in order to beautify Monsbaiya, but you can no longer build and place individual buildings.
  5. She respected Guy a lot and wants to make Monsbaiya a more cultured place.
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Dating Sim Although there is lots to do in the dungeon, there is just as much to do out in the town of Monsbaya. The tower does not completely change every time you enter it. Browse games Game Portals. But when Tank works his magic on Alexis, he ends up meeting the challenge of a lifetime.

All you need is the money and to talk to people. Your biggest challenge, though, is overcoming the poor Japanese-to-English translation with its vague item descriptions and bewildering doublespeak. Because of this, Vivian, Cherral, Mia, and Patty are nowhere to be found.

Others are put off by the claustrophobic feeling of only having a single town or single dungeon. So raising the experience of familiars is much more important than raising the experience of the main character until you plan to move very high up the tower in one trip. If you attack an enemy, atheist dating it'll attack back as every other monster takes a step towards you.

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